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DuPont at Fakuma: Application development plus collective ingenuity fuel innovation

Fakuma 2014 – Friedrichshafen, Germany, October 14-18
DuPont—  Hall B4 – Stand B4-4201
Geneva, 22nd July 2014. The DuPont exhibit at Fakuma 2014 reflects the important role plastics play in society and how we, in DuPont, are enhancing our advanced materials technology to help companies innovate and compete in the global economy. Under the banner of “Welcome to the Global Collaboratory™”, we present how our Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and Predictive Engineering Solutions, coupled with our broad portfolio of advanced materials, can provide outstanding benefits in a wide range of industries, including automotive, electrical & electronics, and  heatlthcare. Highlights include:
  • DuPont™Zytel® renewably sourced long chain polyamide in a Rigid Pneumatic Tubing application made by MUNKPLAST, Sweden;
  • Flexible and rigid automotive coolant pipes made in Zytel® PA612 Long Chain Polyamide and Glass Reinforced Zytel® PA66.
  • Halogen free1 Zytel® FR95G25V0NH with enhanced long term heat ageing properties for Electrical & Electronics applications.
  • Recently launched  DuPont™ Rynite® PET halogen-free1 combining excellent long term heat ageing and flame resistance performance for Electrical & Electronics applications.
Science Meets Innovation
DuPont works with customers throughout the product development cycle, continually advancing materials, supporting design and optimising for processing.
At Fakuma, DuPont is emphasising advances in the design stage by helping customers predict how our materials will perform based on enhancements made by DuPont Engineering Research to our materials modelling expertise. “Our State-of-the-art advanced computer modeling and simulation will help original equipment manufacturers confidently select the best material for the application because they will better understand how the material will perform given the dynamics of their particular product,” said Craig Norrey, head of design (EMEA), at DuPont “Our finite element analysis [FEA], models are providing part performance confidence, thus minimising prototyping.”
Throughout the ‘art-to-part’ process, DuPont’s design and engineering teams share data and analysis with our partners using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) standard software suites in a non-proprietary, transparent environment. “This transparency provides a true collaborative connection between DuPont and our value-chain partners, with real-time information available at all stages of design and development,” added Craig.
Lightweighting meets engine efficiency
Among DuPont innovations at Fakuma 2014 will be new forward-thinking materials and technologies to significantly reduce weight in Automotive without compromising performance and sustainability.

Lightweighting is probably the most significant and immediate pathway to CO2 emissions reduction for car manufacturers. Every 110kg of weight saved on a car translates into around 10g/km CO2 emissions reduction, and the greatest impact is through the introduction of plastics instead of metal.
DuPont’s collaborative approach goes beyond resins development, providing integrated and cost effective solutions to the challenges of automotive lightweighting and compliance with regional emissions legislation. Good examples of this approach will be seen in rigid and flexible coolant pipes of Glass Reinforced Zytel® PA66 designed for Water Injection Technology (WIT) and DuPont™Zytel® PA612 Long Chain Polyamide (LCPA) that offer excellent processability in extrusion and injection capabilities combined with long-term resistance to aggressive water/glycol and road salts under high pressure at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 125°C.
Performance meets Sustainability
DuPont offers a wide range of engineering polymers for electrical & electronics that can be recycled Vs thermoset in applications such as housings, enclosures, sockets & switches. In addition, DuPont is also constantly evolving its range of halogen-free engineering polymers, which are being developed to address stringent sustainability legislation for better health and safety.
DuPont’s new halogen-free1, Zytel® FR95G25V0NH flame-retardant nylon 66 offers enhanced thermal aging (Relative Temperature Index - RTI Electrical of 160°C under UL746 certification) and industry leading high Comparative Tracking Index (CTI), flammability at tight thickness and excellent surface finish. The material offers greater productivity as it is high flow and resists mold deposit. It has the highest Relative Temperature Index (RTI) value in our Performance Polymers portfolio and in the polyamide market.
DuPont has recently launched the first halogen-free1 flame retardant PET Rynite® FR533NH, with ULV0 down to 0,4 mm enabling the design of thin parts for cost-effective production and light weighting. The material is combining enhanced long term heat ageing performance (RTI Mechanical of 155°C at 0,75 mm and 160C as of 1.5 mm under UL746 certification) and good electrical properties with a CTI of 325V(class 2). The resin also brings outstanding flammability benefit, passing GWFI at 960°C and GWIT at 775°C as of 0.75 mm.
1 “halogen-free” as used here indicates that no halogen is added as an intended ingredient.
Safety meets Health
We see increasing demand for consumer safety, and our customers approach us to collaborate with them on safety applications.
DuPont continues to expand its dedicated portfolio of SC and PC (Special Control and Premium Control) products for the healthcare industry. These grades are represented in our DuPont™ Crastin® PBT, Delrin® acetal, Hytrel® TPC-ET and Zytel® PA product families. The SC and PC products are tested against relevant parts of USP Class VI and ISO 10993-5, -11, are manufactured according to GMP (‘Good Manufacturing Practice’), provide sterilisation data, are FDA and EU food contact compliant (with very few exceptions), and are available globally.
DuPont was one of the first to introduce a specific ‘FG’ portfolio of polymers. Our food contact materials (FDA and EU food contact compliant) not only use raw materials that comply with the relevant guidelines, but they are also produced in our facilities under GMP conditions where special controls are in place for products expected to be in contact with food.
These grades are represented in our DuPont™ Crastin® PBT, Delrin® acetal, Hytrel® TPC-ET, Rynite® PET, Zytel® PA and Sorona®EP product families.
This potential is clearly seen in the food processing industry where a food contact-approved, metal-detectable DuPont™ Delrin® FG400MTD acetal has found numerous applications when food safety is a key requirement.
DuPont (NYSE: DD) has been bringing world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace in the form of innovative products, materials, and services since 1802. The company believes that by collaborating with customers, governments, NGOs, and thought leaders we can help find solutions to such global challenges as providing enough healthy food for people everywhere, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, and protecting life and the environment. For additional information about DuPont and its commitment to inclusive innovation, please visit
DuPont Performance Polymers is committed to working with customers throughout the world to develop new products, components and systems that help reduce dependence on fossil fuels and protect people and the environment. With more than 40 manufacturing, development and research centers throughout the world, DuPont Performance Polymers uses the industry’s broadest portfolio of plastics, elastomers, renewably sourced polymers, filaments and high-performance parts and shapes to deliver cost-effective solutions to customers in aerospace, automotive, consumer, electrical, electronic, industrial, sporting goods and other diversified industries.
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