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DUA approved for five Georgia counties

Release date: Sept. 19, 2017

ATLANTA – State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said today that workers in five Georgia counties may now be eligible for federal Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) to compensate for income lost September 7-15 as a direct result of Hurricane Irma.

The affected counties are Camden, Chatham, Glynn, Liberty and McIntosh.  Presently, these are the only counties authorized for DUA benefits.

“The heavy damage that results from natural disasters often forces businesses to close for repairs, leaving owners and employees without incomes,” said Butler. “These federal unemployment benefits help provide a financial bridge until their incomes resume.”

DUA is a federal program established to help workers whose primary income is lost, or interrupted, as a direct result of a disaster declared by the President. It differs from regular state unemployment insurance in that it provides benefits to people who are self-employed, farmers, diversified farming operators, loggers, commission-paid employees, and others who are not eligible under the state’s program.

Applicants may be eligible for a weekly benefit of as much as $330 beginning the week of September 10. Individuals in the authorized counties who were directly affected by Irma must first apply for regular unemployment insurance on the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) website at, or in-person at any GDOL career center. The GDOL will notify claimants if they are also eligible to file for DUA. Eligible claimants must apply for DUA no later than Thursday, October 19, 2017.

When applying for DUA benefits, verification of income may be required. Applicants should be prepared to provide proof of earnings for the most recently completed tax year. Acceptable proof of earnings includes copies of most recent completed income tax returns, copies of quarterly estimated income tax payment records, or similar documents.

DUA benefits may also be available to individuals who become the breadwinner, or who provide major financial support, for a household because the head of household died as a direct result of the hurricane. Individuals applying for benefits under such circumstances must present proof of the death of the head of household, such as a death certificate or affidavit.

While applications may be filed at any GDOL career center, those in the five-county-disaster area are the Brunswick Career Center, 2517 Tara Lane, (912) 264-7244; Hinesville Career Center, 740 General Stewart Way, (912) 370-2595, Kings Bay Career Center, 406 Osborne Street, St. Marys, (912) 673-6942 and Savannah Career Center, 5520 White Bluff Road, (912) 356-2773.  To find the locations of other career centers, visit

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