County Manager recommends additional funding to help Library expand hours


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County Manager recommends $811,000 in additional funding to help Library expand hours at six regional locations in FY13

Charlotte, NC – May 15, 2012 – This evening, Mecklenburg County Manager Harry L. Jones, Sr. presented to the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) a recommended budget that includes $811,000 in additional funding that will allow the Library to open the six regional libraries on Sundays.

Information on the full FY13 Mecklenburg County budget can be found here:

The BOCC will review Jones’ recommended budget in the coming weeks, conduct a straw vote session on May 30 – during which time they may make modifications – and adopt the budget on June 5. If the manager’s recommended funding for the Library is approved by the BOCC, the $811,000 will be added to the Library’s base funding level to add Sunday hours at the regional libraries, consistent with the recommendations of the Future of the Library Task Force (

This funding would allow the Library to expand hours from 54 to 58 per week at the larger regional locations: Beatties Ford Road, Independence, Morrison, North County, South County and University City. Hours at Main, ImaginOn, and the smaller community locations would remain at their current levels.

“We continue to be very pleased with the support the Library has received from the Manager, the BOCC, and the citizens of Mecklenburg County,” says Library CEO Vick Phillips. “The funding in this budget will allow us to offer greater service to the citizens who have asked for Sunday hours, which is supported by the recommendations of the Future of the Library Task Force.”

If the funding recommendation is approved on June 5, Library officials will present new regional operating hours to the Library Board of Trustees at their June 27 meeting, with the goal of launching the new hours on Sunday, September 9, after Labor Day.

Last year, the Library expanded hours from 37 to 54 per week at regionals after Labor Day, thanks to $2 million in additional funding from Mecklenburg County in FY12. Prior to the recession, regional libraries were open 76 per week.

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