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AU Newsmakers 3.17 - 3.24, 2017
Top Story
In the Galleries: Four Curators Share One Spotlight
The Washington Post featured Art Professor Tim Doud's portraits, which are currently in a show at Gallery Neptune and Brown. The reviewer writes, “...Doud doesn't work from photographs, and sometimes depicts gazes and poses at an angle to the picture plane. The approach is painterly yet precise, and strongly conveys specific likenesses. It's not just the clothing that gives Doud's subjects their individuality.” (3/17)

Additional Feature
A Report on Smithsonian Associates 'Are the Cards Collapsing?: A 'House of Cards' Season 5 Preview' with Professor Stef Woods
American Studies Instructor Stef Woods spoke with DC Metro Theatre Arts about a Smithsonian lecture she gave about the season 5 preview of “House of Cards” and Woods' “Politics, TV Series, and Ethics” class. In the discussion, Woods gave a breakdown of how the show compared with modern day politics. (3/17)

Faculty Authors
Letter to the Editor: When It Comes to Women on Boards, There's Still Work to do
Kogod School of Business Assistant Dean for Digital Initiatives Jill Klein authored an article for the Washington Business Journal about how corporate boards still lack diversity when it comes to women leaders. Klein noted, “With the availability of talented and qualified women leaders ready for board service, we encourage firms to move more intentionally and swiftly to recruit women to their boards.” (3/17)
The Question Now: Will There Be Any Consequences for President Trump's Reckless Allegations Against President Obama?
For The New York Daily News, Chris Edelson, Politics, Policy, and Law Scholars program director, authored an article about the effect of President Trump's allegations against former President Barack Obama. Edelson wrote, “With Republicans controlling the House and Senate, it is up to them to decide whether there will be any consequences for Trump's reckless actions.” (3/20)
Media Erect Roadblocks to Trump Budget Plan
Journalism Professor Richard Benedetto authored an article for Real Clear Politics about the on-going battle between President Donald Trump and the media's coverage of his 2018 fiscal budget. Benedetto said, “When the first Trump budget was unveiled last week, the news media exploded with exaggerated and heart-rending tales of the human, natural and material pain and devastation the suggested spending reductions will wreak on American society.” (3/21)
Trans-Feminisms, Sociology, and the Coalitional Social Justice Work (That Never Ends)
Sociology Professor Salvador Vidal-Ortiz authored an article for The Society Pages about uniting activists, trans-feminist scholars, and sociologists in the fight for equality. Vidal-Ortiz said, “My goal is to converse with (cisgender and trans*/transsexual) feminist scholars and activists, and although I center my remarks on the sociological discipline, I want to reach social scientists and non-academics alike.” (3/21)
Searching for "La Convivencia" in Spain
Amb. Akbar Ahmed, Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies at the School of International Service, authored a piece for The Daily Times about how the coexistence of multiple religions can bring more harmony to multiple working environments and cultures. Ahmed wrote, “If we can rediscover the spirit of convivencia, both Europe and the world will be a more peaceful and productive place.” (3/17)

Ivanka Trump to Gain Security Clearance Amid Apparently Expanding WH Role
Executive-in-Residence Anita McBride appeared on Fox News to discuss Ivanka Trump's new role in the White House. McBride said, “There are issues that she is concerned about that she would like to see front and center.” (3/21)
Analysis: For FBI Head James Comey, Political Hot Seat Awaits
Journalism Professor Richard Benedetto spoke to the Boston Herald about FBI Director James Comey addressing Congress about Russia and the 2016 presidential election. Benedetto said, “The political atmosphere is just nasty.” (3/20)
Trump Makes Up With Iraq's Leader After Travel-Ban Snub
Gordon Adams, professor emeritus at the School of International Service, spoke with McClatchy about the visit of Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al Abadi to Washington and President Trump's remarks about the travel ban. Adams said, “If we wanted cooperation from the Iraqis in Mosul in chasing ISIS, it was almost necessary to extract the Iraqis from the executive order.” (3/20)
Bob Tobias: Impact of Potential Budget Cuts on Civilian Agencies
Robert Tobias, director of the Key Executive Leadership programs at the School of Public Affairs, spoke with Federal News Radio about the effect President Trump's proposed budget cuts may have on civilian agencies. Tobias said, “Although many indicate that we should run the government like a business, this budget does not reflect that policy or previous position.” (3/20)
The 'Old Corps' Under Siege. The Photo Scandal and the Big Changes Coming Soon
Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence Nora Bensahel spoke to Marine Corps Times about how the Marines must change culture. Bensahel said, “Change has been the problem for the Marine Corps.” (3/19)
The Science Behind Wendy's Frosty & French Fry Phenomenon
Chemistry Professor Matt Hartings sat down with Thrillist to discuss the popularity of the Wendy's Frosty and French fry combination. "And why use a spoon when you can use fries, right?" Hartings said. (3/22)

Bonus Clips
Top 25 Game Design: Grad
The Princeton Review recently published a 2017 ranking of the top 25 Grad Schools for Game Design. American University's Game Design master's program moved up six spots to rank #16 in the world. (3/20)
What Donald Trump Jr. Doesn't get About London
For CNN, Angela Pupino, a junior currently studying abroad in London, expressed her views on Wednesday's terrorist attack near the area of the city known as Russell Square. She shared how in shock she was to be walking around the city after the incident but how resilient the Londoners appeared. “It's true that I'm only an American college student living in London. The people of London are unshakable. We should all be listening.” (3/23)

''Online, consumer'' news refers to online news outlets and blogs such as Huffington post, NY Times
"Online, consumer" news refers to online news outlets and blogs such as Huffington post, NY Times
Both charts are based on the week's Newsmakers highlights only, not total AU mentions for the week
Both charts are based on the week's Newsmakers highlights only, not total AU mentions for the week

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