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Montgomery County High students earn GeorgiaBEST Certificates

Release Date: Oct. 28, 2015

GeorgiaBEST - Montgomery HIgh School

Five Montgomery County High School students recently received their GeorgiaBEST certificates for completing the soft skills training course designed to help students develop the skills necessary for success in the workplace. Shown are, from left, Regina Nails, Alyssa Brantley, Zanarria Holloway, and Deveney Dixon. Not shown is Lula Campbell.

ATLANTA -- State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler announced today that five Montgomery County High School students have completed GeorgiaBEST (Businesss Ethics Student Training) training. GeorgiaBEST is the Georgia Department of Labor’s (GDOL’s) highly respected workplace soft skills initiative.

The students who were recently awarded their GeorgiaBEST certificates are Alyssa Brantley, Lula Campbell, Deveney Dixon, Zanarria Holloway and Regina Nails.

The program is taught in Montgomery County High School by Brandi Kay Lanier.

"I am very proud of these students and the hard work that they have put into this program,” said Ms. Lanier. “Any future employer will be lucky to have any one of these students on their team."

Butler launched GeorgiaBEST in 2012 after talking with employers throughout the state who said that the lack of soft skills was one of the major problems they faced when recruiting and keeping good employees. A 2012 article in Forbes Magazine refers to research by Leadership IQ, a research and leadership training company, which shows when first-time hires fail, 89 percent of the time it is because of attitudinal reasons.

Since its 2012 launch, GeorgiaBEST has been implemented in more than 150 schools throughout the state.

"Montgomery County High School is one of the newest schools to enroll in GeorgiaBEST, and I am thrilled to have them on board," said Rebecca Godleski, GeorgiaBEST program manager. "The five students who just earned their soft skills certificate join more than 20,000 students statewide who have successfully completed GeorgiaBEST training. These students have displayed impeccable soft skills and, as a result, are better prepared to succeed in today's highly competitive job market."

Students who participate in the program are evaluated by their teachers on their soft skills and, upon completion of the program, are awarded GeorgiaBEST certificates. The certification serves as validation to employers that students have successfully displayed strong work habits that will foster success in higher education and in the workplace.

Students earning the certificate must study and be assessed on 10 soft skill standards as set by the GDOL and participate in at least one project. Those soft skills, put together by the GDOL and representatives from business and industry, include discipline and character, attendance and punctuality, work habits, teamwork, time management, attitude, communications skills, responsibility, and organization.

Schools or others who may want more information about GeorgiaBEST, should contact Rebecca Godlenski at or (404) 232-7300.

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