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AU Newsmakers 12.9-12.16, 2016- Prepared by University Communications
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AU Professors Discuss Russia and Current Political Landscape
Keith Darden, professor in the School of International Service, spoke with CNN about Russian cyber attacks and what President Vladimir Putin believes he stands to gain from a Trump presidency. Darden said, “This is the first genuinely, unconditionally pro-Russian president -- and not just pro-Russian, but pro-Putin, president -- in recent memory, in modern American history.” For Voice of America, BBC Radio, ARD TV, and O Globo, James Goldgeier, dean of the School of International Service, and Jordan Tama, assistant professor in the School of International Service, spoke about the nomination of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. (12/15, 12/13)

Additional Features
Privacy Protections for Wearable Devices Are Weak, Study Says
CIO Magazine featured new research by Kathryn Montgomery, communication professor, and the Center for Digital Democracy, that found federal laws fail to give consumers the privacy protections they may expect. In the report, Montgomery called for new privacy standards. United Press International also covered the research and Wall Street Journal included news of the research in a cyber column roundup of breaking news. (12/15)
Mindfulness May Ease Holiday Habits & Stresses
Psych Central covered new research by the Kogod School of Business professor Sonya A. Grier on mindfulness and consumption. The research explains how consumers can practice mindful consumption to potentially mitigate the adverse effects of mindless consumption, such as overeating and drinking, or frivolous shopping. (12/14)

Faculty Authors
After Liftoff, Trump-Fed Clash Could Be in the Offing in 2017
Evan Kraft, economist-in-residence, wrote for The Hill on how Donald J. Trump could be on a collision course with the Federal Reserve. Kraft writes, “Since candidate Trump called out the Fed in rather emphatic terms, there is concern about a confrontation between the two in the next year.” (12/15)
Why Zimbabwe has Failed to Sate the Yearning for Land and to Fix Rural Hunger
Beverley Peters, assistant professor in the School of Professional and Extended Studies, writes in The Conversation about the government of Robert Mugabe and land reform. Peters suggests throughout Zimbabwe, “newly settled populations thrive when they are given training and investment that supports the production of food and cash crops," a policy that needs both international and Zimbabwean support. (12/12)
The EPA's Mission is More Crucial Than Ever. Scott Pruitt Must Respect It.
For The Guardian, professor of public affairs Daniel Fiorino authored an opinion article on the nomination of Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt to run the Environmental Protection Agency. He wrote, “If the next EPA head respects the mission, the laws and the vital role that the agency plays in providing a high quality of life to the American public, we and the rest of the world all will be better off.” (12/9)

To Combat Trump, Democrats Ready a G.O.P. Tactic: Lawsuits
Amanda Frost, professor in the Washington College of Law, talked to The New York Times about arguments Republicans have used under the Obama administration that will become convenient for Democrats. Frost believes that legal tactics used by Republican attorneys general, such as arguing in front of friendly local judges to stop nationwide policy, will also be adopted by Democratic attorneys general. (12/14)
How to Talk to Your Family About Your Gender Fluid Identity
Juliana Martinez, assistant professor in World Languages and Culture, talked with U.S. News & World Report about gender fluidity and coming out. Martinez said, "Even expressions like 'gender identity' are not familiar to most people,” so it is important to be prepared with clear definitions and setting expectations. (12/15)
Trump Taps Rick Perry, Vocal Climate Critic, to Lead DOE
Simon Nicholson, assistant professor at the School of International Service, spoke with ClimateWire about the nomination of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) to lead the Department of Energy. Nicholson discussed how Perry could prevent DOE employees from talking about climate change in the same way the George W. Bush administration did. (12/14)
Trump Says F-35 Fighter Jet is Overpriced. Can He Rein in Wasteful Spending?
Jordan Tama, assistant professor in the School of International Service, spoke with The Christian Science Monitor about President-elect Donald Trump's comments on Twitter about the high costs of the Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighter jet program. Tama said, “A lot of contracts for defense and other government programs have run way over budget, and there's a lot of room to trim waste associated with some for these contracts. The problem is that Trump is doing this in a totally ad hoc way.” (12/12)
Developing Countries Ease Doing Business
Kogod School of Business professor Ghiyath Nakshbendi spoke with Global Finance about the record number of developing countries that have enacted World Bank reforms. He said, “Many countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council and others like Russia, Iran, Nigeria and Venezuela, to name a few, are the most motivated to improve their business conditions in order to alleviate the heavy reduction in their revenue due to the drastic decline in the price of oil.” (12/14)

''Online,consumer'' news refers to online news outlets and blogs such as Huffington Post, NY Times
"Online,consumer" news refers to online news outlets and blogs such as Huffington Post, NY Times
Both charts are based on the week's Newsmakers highlights only, not total AU mentions for the week
Both charts are based on the week's Newsmakers highlights only, not total AU mentions for the week

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