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AU Newsmakers 1.20 - 1.27, 2017
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American University Names New President: Obama Cabinet Member Sylvia Mathews Burwell
“American University announced that a former top Obama administration official, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, will become its 15th president and the first woman to lead the school in the nation's capital. Burwell said, My family and I are honored and excited to become a part of this vibrant AU community.” Politico, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Washington Business Journal, and WUSA9-DC also covered the announcement. (1/26)

Faculty Authors
The Art of Dealing With Pakistan
Assistant Professor in the School of International Service Stephen Tankel authored an article for Defense One about U.S.-Pakistan relations and how they might change under the Trump administration. Tankel acknowledged a “range of unilateral and multilateral mechanisms that could enable a more methodical, calibrated, and realistic approach” to handling Pakistan. (1/25)
Trump's 'Alternative Facts' Are a Real Threat to Your Rights
Chris Edelson, director, Politics, Policy and Law Scholars program, wrote an opinion article for MarketWatch about the importance of truth, transparency and trust in a democracy. Edelson encourages readers to “fiercely support a free press that delivers accurate information.” (1/25)
Congress Needs to Fix Our Outdated Email Privacy Law
Assistant Professor of Law Jennifer Daskal authored an article for Slate about the urgency in having Congress fix the laws regarding email privacy. She notes that this is an “issue too complicated to leave to the courts.” (1/26)

Doing the Wave: A Primer on Immigration in America
History Professor Alan Kraut spoke with the Associated Press about the flaws of immigration in the United States. Kraut said, “Here we are, the United States, a nation of nations, with the iconic symbol of the Statue of Liberty, and yet we are still arguing about the peopling of America.” The story ran in about 400 publications nationwide. (1/26)
After Massive Crowds at Women's Marches, What's Next?
Associate Professor of Communication Aram Sinnreich was quoted in a Yahoo News article about the importance of the Women's March. Speaking about the role of social media, Sinnreich said there is “ultimately…a danger of any leaderless movement collapsing under its own weight.” (1/23)
Democrats Seek a New Hope in Virginia Governor's Race
Leonard Steinhorn, communications professor, spoke to WUSA9 about the newfound optimism of Democrats concerning the governor's race in Virginia. He says, “The race doesn't have to be a referendum on the Trump administration, but you know that is going to be interpreted that way.” (1/23)
She Wanted to Make a Difference. Now this Millennial is the Mayor of Her New Town
Jennifer Lawless, director of the Women and Politics Institute, spoke to The Washington Post about Rachel Hundley, mayor of Sonoma, Calif., and a 2012 study that examined “young people's interest in running for office.” Lawless said, “Hundley is an example of how young women can make a big difference at local levels of governments.” (1/24)
Is Obama's Legacy Among World's Muslims Tarnished?
Akbar Ahmed, Islamic Studies professor, spoke to Voice of America about President Obama's image and legacy in the Middle East. Speaking of President Obama's speech in Cairo, Ahmed said, "As a Muslim scholar, I knew that across the Muslim world … people would have very high expectations of the new president." (1/20)
The First Family's Transition
Anita McBride, executive-in-residence at the School of Public Affairs, spoke to WTTG, ABC Good Morning America, and CBS News about the first family's transition into the White House. McBride said, "One thing that is a common denominator for all first families and particularly for first ladies is to not let this pressure of being a young child in the White House change their lives too dramatically." (1/25, 1/25, 1/23)
President Trump Asks Automakers to Keep Jobs in the U.S.
WJLA-ABC7 spoke with Frank DuBois, professor of International Business, about automakers keeping jobs in the U.S. DuBois said, “The consumer is going to end up paying more for a car as a result of higher tariffs.” (1/24)

Bonus Clip
Research Into Chemically Active 3D Printing Receives STAM 2016 Altmetrics Award
A 3D printing forum in featured chemistry research by Professor Matthew Hartings. Hartings and fellow researchers successfully printed a chemically active structure by using nanocomposites and a 3D printer. Hartings said, “As a chemist…I wanted 3D printed objects to be able to do chemistry after they were printed.” (1/19)

''Online, consumer'' news refers to online news outlets and blogs such as Huffington post, NY Times
"Online, consumer" news refers to online news outlets and blogs such as Huffington post, NY Times
Both charts are based on the week's Newsmakers highlights only, not total AU mentions for the week
Both charts are based on the week's Newsmakers highlights only, not total AU mentions for the week

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