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AU Newsmakers 3.9-3.16, 2018
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AU Women's Basketball Going to the Game!
American University alum Tony Perkins spoke to President Sylvia Burwell on WTTG-FOX5 about the success of the women's basketball team as it prepares to face the University of California, Los Angeles, in the NCAA women's basketball tournament this weekend. Burwell said, "The students are excited, and we're all excited. It's one of those things that unify the university in a great way, and represents so many great things about the university." The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times and Inside Higher Ed covered the team's win against Navy in the Patriot League championship, setting the stage for the Eagles' second March Madness appearance. (3/16, 3/11, 3/14)

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Video Games Do Not Teach People to Become Shooters in Real Life
Lindsay Grace, director of the American University Game Lab, wrote an opinion article for CNN Online about the lack of connection between video games and real-life shooters. Grace wrote, “At best, a well-executed shooting game might increase players' confidence in their ability to shoot, but the reality is much different.” (3/10)
Can Rex Tillerson Prove Human Rights Is on White House Agenda?
Associate Professor in the School of International Service Sarah Snyder wrote an opinion article for The Hill about the Trump administration's commitment to human rights. Snyder wrote, “In order to convince this administration's critics that it takes human rights seriously, the secretary [of State] needs to do more than issue a three-paragraph press release about the anniversary [of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights] as he did in 2017.” (3/9)
Why Child Care Costs More Than College Tuition- and How to Make It More Affordable
Tarryn Morrissey, associate professor of public affairs, wrote an opinion article for The Conversation about the high costs of child care in America. Morrissey wrote, “The reality is that child care in America is expensive and out of reach of many families.” The article ran in over 30 outlets, including the Arizona Daily Star and the Houston Chronicle. (3/9)

Here's the Case: Trump Has the Worst Cabinet Ever
In the wake of the firing of Rex Tillerson of the State Department, Distinguished Professor of History Allan Lichtman spoke to The Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post about the chaos within the Trump White House. Lichtman said that the quick turnover in Cabinet officials “is without precedent in recent presidential history.” Jordan Tama, associate professor in the School of International Service, spoke about the firing with ABC-7, ARD, E&E and Sinclair Broadcast Group. (3/13, 3/14, 3/9)
Seth Rich Parents Sue Fox News Over Retracted Story They Say Treated Him Like a 'Political Football'
Jane Hall, professor in the School of Communication, spoke to The Washington Post about the consequences of media networks spreading conspiracy theories. Hall called the Seth Rich story “… an egregious miscarriage of journalism.” (3/14)
Has Metro's Ad Policy Gone Too Far?
Jamie Raskin, professor in the Washington College of Law, spoke to The Washington Post about WMATA's ad policy. Raskin said, “There's some subtext here that Metro doesn't want ads that upset people, but people can get equally upset by commercial ads as they can by social or political messages.” (3/11)
Senate Bill Would Diminish Mortgage Disclosures by Banks
James Thurber, distinguished professor of public affairs, spoke to The Associated Press about new Senate legislation that would exempt banks from public reporting requirements. Thurber said that Democrats supported the bill in certain areas because “you're listening to the local community leaders who are on those [bank] boards. They're people you want to have on your side… and many times they give campaign donations.” The story ran in more than 300 outlets, including The New York Times. (3/14)
Can You Lose a Language You Never Knew?
Amelia Tseng, scholar-in-residence in the School of Education, spoke to NPR about the relationship between language and identity. Tseng said, “We live our lives in language.” The piece ran in 70 NPR affiliate stations. (3/10)
Star Wars? President Trump Proposes Military Space Force.
Professor of Public Affairs Howard McCurdy spoke to The Associated Press about President Trump's plans for a military space force. McCurdy said, “[The proposal is] really what we're already doing but giving elevated status to the mission.” The story ran in more than 400 outlets. (3/14)
France's National Front Party to Be Renamed As "National Gathering"
Cynthia Miller-Idriss, associate professor of education and sociology, appeared on Al-Jazeera English to discuss the news that France's right-wing National Front Party would be renamed. Miller-Idriss said, “I don't see how this [renaming] is distinguishing the party from its past.” (3/12)
Some Tax Law Provisions Could Make for a Tougher Recession
Caroline Bruckner, managing director of the Kogod Tax Policy Center, spoke to Bloomberg BNA about new tax law provisions, specifically the expansion of government deficit. Bruckner said, “Tax rates are so low that you're taking a major tool out of the fiscal toolbox [by expanding the deficit].” (3/13)

''Online, consumer'' news refers to online news outlets and blogs such as Huffington Post, NY Times
"Online, consumer" news refers to online news outlets and blogs such as Huffington Post, NY Times
Both charts are based on the week's Newsmakers highlights only, not total AU mentions for the week
Both charts are based on the week's Newsmakers highlights only, not total AU mentions for the week

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