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AU Newsmakers 3.16-3.23, 2018
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Facebook Says You 'Own' All the Data You Post. Not Even Close, Say Privacy Experts
AU communications professors talked with news media following reports that Facebook allowed third-party groups to access user data. Professor of Communication Kathryn Montgomery spoke to Los Angeles Times about government regulation. Montgomery said, “There are simply no constraints. These corporations can do with our data whatever they please, without telling us.” Aram Sinnreich, professor of communication, wrote a letter to the editor of USA Today detailing his reasons for deleting his Facebook account. (3/19, 3/21)

Additional Feature
Trump's Presidency Has Prompted a Nationwide College Course on Why Democracies Collapse
Washington Post Magazine featured American University as one of 10 universities in the United States to offer a college course analyzing the collapse of democracies. Cathy Schneider, professor in the School of International Service, teaches the course. One of the students commented that the course allows students to make sense of “whether Trump really does represent an authoritarian threat to liberal democracy or whether he's just an illiberal politician.” (3/20)

Faculty Author
Don't Expect the Mueller Investigation to End Anytime Soon
Distinguished Professor of History Allan Lichtman authored an opinion piece for Vice Magazine about the Mueller investigation. Lichtman wrote, “While Trump and his allies no doubt want the Mueller investigation to wrap up soon, it's likely that we're in the middle of the story, not near the end of it.” (3/21)

Extensive Data Shows Punishing Reach of Racism for Black Boys
Director of the Antiracist Research and Policy Center Ibram X. Kendi spoke to The New York Times about a new study that revealed that affluent black males earn less in adulthood than white males of similar backgrounds. Kendi said, “One of the most popular liberal post-racial ideas is the idea that the fundamental problem is class and not race, and clearly this study explodes that idea.” The story ran in over 65 outlets, including the Philadelphia Tribune and Salon magazine. Kendi also spoke to and USA Today about perceptions of race in America. (3/19, 3/16)
And Now, the Nancy Pelosi Drama
David Barker, professor of public affairs, spoke to The New York Times about Republican attitudes towards Nancy Pelosi. Barker said the portrayal of Pelosi as an uber-villain “may be unique, historically speaking.” (3/16)
How Are Donald and Melania Doing? Why America Cares About the Presidential Marriage
Anita McBride, executive-in-residence in the School of Public Affairs, spoke to the Washington Post about America's interest in presidential marriages. McBride said, “We are fascinated by first families and the behind-the-scenes life of public figures.” (3/22)
White House Turnover: The Appeal and the Risks for Trump
Chris Edelson, professor of public affairs, spoke to The Christian Science Monitor about the high turnover rate in the Trump administration. Edelson said that the reshuffling reflects how Trump has managed his business and noted, “The lesson he probably takes from his life is, what I have done has worked out. But it has been a near miss.” (3/16)
Trial Begins Over AT&T-Timer Warner Merger Reviled by Trump
Washington College of Law Professor Fernando Laguarda spoke to Politico about the contested AT&T-Time Warner merger. "This could be an interesting sign post about how that market is going to evolve," Laguarda said. (3/19)
Drive for Uber? Deliver for Amazon? Here Are the Tax Rules to Know
Caroline Brucker, managing director of the Kogod Tax Policy Center, spoke to USA Today about tax rules gig economy workers should know. Bruckner said, “Most gig workers on average earn well below $20,000 and as a result, aren't getting any form of 1099-K and don't realize that they even owe taxes on the income they earned.” The piece ran in over 30 outlets, including Chicago Tribune and MSN Money. (3/17)
Can the Trans-Atlantic Relationship Survive Donald Trump?
Michelle Egan, professor in the School of International Service, spoke to Deutsche-Welle about the fate of the Trans-Atlantic partnership. Egan said, “What I think is that the genie is out of the bottle… people are articulating positions of nationalism and protectionism in the United States and now they have Trump who is their voice.” (3/22)

''Online, consumer'' news refers to online news outlets and blogs such as Huffington Post, NY Times
"Online, consumer" news refers to online news outlets and blogs such as Huffington Post, NY Times
Both charts are based on the week's Newsmakers highlights only, not total AU mentions for the week
Both charts are based on the week's Newsmakers highlights only, not total AU mentions for the week

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