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AU Newsmakers 11.9-11.16, 2018
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The Exhibition in the U.S. Showcasing the Arab World Through an Alternate Lens
Tribe: Contemporary Photography from the Arab World, a new exhibit at American University at the Katzen Arts Museum was featured in The National (U.A.E.). According to the review, “the exhibition resists simplistic notions of what the Arab world itself is, embracing a vision of the region as deeply intertwined with the rest of the world.” (11/12)

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Israel-Hamas Fighting Erupted Just as Negotiations Advanced. What Started It, and Why Does It Matter?
Boaz Atzili, associate professor in the School of International Service, co-wrote an article for The Washington Post about a flare-up of tension in the Israel-Hamas conflict. Atzili and his co-author wrote, “Sunday's incursion, like other such operations, is characteristic of Israel's long-standing propensity to prioritize tactical considerations in disregard- and often to the detriment- of long-term strategic interests.” Guy Ziv, assistant professor in the School of International Service, also spoke about the conflict with Vox. (11/14, 11/15)
Michelle Obama's IVF Journey Could Help More Women
Laura Beers, associate professor of history, wrote an opinion piece for CNN about how Michelle Obama's revelation of her IVF procedures could help other women. Beers wrote, “[Michelle] Obama's speaking out about her own infertility will hopefully show African-American and other minority women that IVF is not exclusively a white women's solution.” (11/13)

Congress Gains More Female Veterans
Executive-in-Residence in the School of Communication Molly O'Rourke spoke to Voice of America about the increase of female veterans in the U.S. Congress. O'Rourke said the increase is “not just a reaction to President Trump, but it's now about really changing the focus of our elected leadership in this country.” (11/11)
Mainstreet Meets the Beltway- Veterans Day in Paris
Capri Cafaro, executive-in-residence in the School of Public Affairs, hosted Mainstreet Meets the Beltway on SiriusXM's. Cafaro was joined by School of International Service Professor Garret Martin and Tony Hollinger, director of AU's Student Engagement and Diversity Initiatives. Hollinger described his experience in the U.S. Marine Corps. He said that the Marine Corps “definitely impacted [his] professional outlook and professional success.” Martin and Cafaro discussed President Trump's trip to Paris, where he joined world leaders in commemorating the 100th anniversary of World War I. (11/12)
Trump Refuses to Acknowledge the Fraught History of Nationalism
Allan Lichtman, distinguished professor of history, spoke to The Washington Post about President Trump describing himself as a nationalist. Lichtman said “using the term is encouragement to [white nationalist] views, and it speaks to a rejection of the caution and centrism that past presidents have tended to adopt as they settled into the job.” (11/13)
Politicians and Fake News
Jane Hall, professor of communication, appeared on BBC World News to discuss the prevalence of politicians labeling news coverage they don't like as ‘fake news.' Hall said, “I think [the concept of fake news] has absolutely been weaponized, and leaders around the world and authoritarian leaders around the world are learning from the use of this.” (11/12)
Why Racist Politics Appeals to White Women, Explained by American History
Ibram X. Kendi, director of the Antiracist Research and Policy Center, spoke to Vox about why racist policies appeal to white women. Kendi explained to Vox how politicians have used race and racism to appeal to white women throughout American history. (11/14)
The FBI Says Hate Crimes Are Soaring. It Actually Has No Idea.
Janice Iwama, assistant professor of public affairs, spoke to Slate about hate crime statistics reported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Iwama said that “You can get more useful information on how current events and ongoing policies affect hate crime totals when you look in greater detail at smaller units of analysis.” (11/14)
'You Ask a Lot of Stupid Questions': Trump Comments Draw Condemnation from Black Journalists Group
Sherri Williams, assistant professor of communication, spoke to WRC-NBC4 about President Trump's reaction to questions from female African-American reporters. Williams said, “The kinds of questions that he is facing from these black women reporters are the kinds of challenges that he is going to have to face from legislators in the coming months, so he might as well get used to it.” (11/9)
Florida Deja-Vu As State Election Hit by Chaos, Fraud Accusations
David Lublin, professor of public affairs, spoke to The Associated Press about the vote recount in Florida and accusations of fraud. Lublin called the accusations of fraud by President Trump and Florida Gov. Rick Scott “highly irresponsible.” The article ran in multiple media outlets, including Yahoo! News. (11/9)
Antifa Expands Its Hit List As Political Violence Escalates
Joseph Young, associate professor in the School of Public Affairs and the School of International Service, spoke to The Washington Times about the increase in violent events across the United States. Young said, “We are seeing more violent events recently as there seems to be a retreat from basic democratic norms.” (11/8)

''Online, consumer'' news refers to online news outlets and blogs such as Huffington Post, NY Times
"Online, consumer" news refers to online news outlets and blogs such as Huffington Post, NY Times
Both charts are based on the week's Newsmakers highlights only, not total AU mentions for the week
Both charts are based on the week's Newsmakers highlights only, not total AU mentions for the week

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