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energy production so we cann bring those prices down again, permanent. G and I'd love people to go to my website liora for .com toafor learn more about me and learnm to more about the policies I wille be promoting. Leslieville we need a female w connecticut senator conservative with smart solutions. This is all about common s sense luck. And you got it. You. Good LUCK.ra everyone i: everyon connecticut get outt an and vote and change. N >> We have a lot more . Where and now if republicans win in parts of a country where democrats once ruled, it's going to largely be due to a dramatic shift to the right by latinos who are fed up with the cost of living. They're fed up c, likerime I said,dicalize with crime and a radicalizedtric h school curriculum. We haven't talked about thatumhaven't yet. Well, the new york timestaye own reporting shows that manypporting who are supporting the gop on the most important issuest facing the country are thoseissues. Exact issues. A focus group comprisea fod of and hispanics across texas, floridaow and arizona showeded tha that they thought republicans were stronger on a variety of issues riets,such as crime, safety, gun control, national security, immigration and the economy. Now, larger polls have also showed a significant shift rightward, according to the executiv e director of lat the national association of latino elected and appointed officials,o el five weeks into our tracking poll, it's becoming clear tha t republicans lat have gained significant ground with latino voters since c the last midterm cycle. >> Syco why is this happening? >> The fact of the matter is that we, you the fact of the matter is we k we don't feel safe anymore at times like these. >> It's really economic re alconcerns that that that taked that priority. And that's what you're seeings is the hispanic community is dealing with high interest rates, energy costs,en record high inflation. And historically, it's been the republican party that focuses on those economic issues, identify more with >> The republican party. What things? Well well,, we're for god , country, family and hard work. >> Okay, see, joining me nowma is florida congresswomanto see y maria salazar. Congresswoman, great to see you tonight. Ou latinolatino voters, they don't need pandering from democrats because it seems like fromev a everything I've read and all the surveys done, they care about the same things that everyone does. E of course. Thank you for having me. We're not martians. We're americans. And this year is going too be t be 20, 20 is going theo be the year of the hispanic republicans. Thank god for that. Thatwe're waking up. And why is that? Because we have the same values party, that are entrenched ingoing, the republican party, god fearing law. Abiding, taxpaying, low taxes, small government and familythan oriented. Go that's what we are.e wa and thank god thatki we areyears, waking up to the fac tt that for 30 years, the democratic partyu know why has been playingan say political football with us. And you know why I I can say it? Because before getting to congress, I was on television and one of the founders ofof spanish television, univision and telemundo, and those are my viewers. And I know that mike community m once does and does not want to open borders. We want to have an orderlyav border. We want to have loe low inflation. We want to be able to raisedignity, our kids, live in dignity,e bill t which is the bill thathai I presented immigratiopresn reformo bill . >> And wlie want to live ind cont the promised land and contribute with the economy. So it's time for us to wake upd we and thank god we're doing it'r., and the gop is working us . And I am the best example in 2020 was the biggest upset in the country because my people are not socialist. >> Laura: no, now. I love that we covered it at it the time. It was awesome. Cause therbecause there's a lot of bad 2 news for people in 2020 two. Bu tt your opponent, t congresswoman, went on an alco sharpton show over the weekend and surprise to attack you watch. I go yout republican opponent is definitely out of step with our district in miami. Inpoliticians love to talk about free dummying. Cuba, nicaragua, about venezuela. >> We understand that freedomthat in those countries means thats th we have to defend democracyat right here in america. And that's not what my opponent has done. >> Congressman, they care about freedom and the preservation ofpr american standardseservati and dignity put after what they've put us through over the past few years. Erhelisten, the problem with my opponents is that and note demo only her, but the whole democratic party is that they have to defend the undefendable. They have to defendab defend somethingd th called a democratic socialism. And that's why I wasat'sbl able to win in 2020 against one of bast the bastions of the democratices party, the longest serving member of the clintonf administration. Thmrs donna shalala. She was the president ofshe was the clinton foundation and ind I w was able taso unseat her. It was the only district inwo
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